Angela Richards (referencing the recently unveiled ‘Glimmer Twins’ depicting Sir Mick Jagger and her father, Keith Richards)
“It was really lovely meeting you yesterday and to be part of a very special day. We think you and all your team have done an outstanding job and managed to capture the essence and love for what they do. Many congratulations.”

Sally Hunt
“Amazing work Amy. Dartford Rolling Stones fans have waited a long time! Thank you.”

Miss Sarah Louise
“A wonderful exhibition, Amy has really captured the essence of the Rolling Stones - Mick and Keith, the Dartford ‘Glimmer Twins’. Great movement Amy. Thank you for this wonderful gift for Dartford.”

 Phil Giles
“When I was a copper, I used to patrol One Bell Corner as part of my town centre beat; I also lived a stone’s throw (forgive the pun) from Sir Mick. Brilliant work and a great location - the Bell has never looked so good!”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Roger Lovewell

"Having recently visited Merville barracks I felt I had to email you to offer my congratulations on your fantastic work, the "The Slayer of Belleros". As a serving Fire fighter and reservist Paratrooper I am not one for using exaggerated language, but I can say it is one of the finest pieces of art I have ever seen. The detail and the power that your work exudes, truly captures the spirit of the Airborne forces. Having looked at your web site and seen your other commissions you are a very gifted artist. I particularly enjoyed the statue that you did for Treo ( I read the book on that amazing dog) and I would like to congratulate you on your work and your success in the future."

Jilly Cooper, Author

“ I just wanted to say that I’m madly in love with your sculpture of the Romsey War Horse. It’s absolutely gorgeous. The horse is simply beautiful and it’s so touching, the man’s arm in the sling and the fact that he’s giving the horse an apple, probably not a polo, at that time. But it’s just a knockout. I love that horse. He just has such a sweet face and his legs are beautifully sculpted. It’s bliss anyway. Thank you so much…”

Richard Neave

“I wanted to tell you how much I admired the sculpture you have just created in Romsey. It ranks with the finest in the world. A fitting tribute to such a tragic waste of life."
Elisabeth and Anthony
“I have never before been moved to tears by a statue. Having unfortunately missed the unveiling ceremony of the Romsey War Horse, it was only yesterday that I went down to the Memorial Park to see it. It is completely beautiful. I couldn't believe that so much emotion and understanding could be translated into a statue. I just had to tell somebody!”
Sarah Clayton
“Wonderful Exhibition of a fantastic and moving project. It has been fabulous Amy to have had the absolute pleasure of following you on this project. Wonderful tribute to ‘The war Horse’.
Jo Kemp
“Such a lovely tribute to a wonderful animal."
Terry and Ali (Buyers of a ‘Romsey War Horse & Trooper’ maquette)
“Absolutely fabulous – So pleased to possess such a fantastic piece of your work” 
Derek Warwick on the bronze of Professor Sid Watkins
“May I add my thanks and admiration for your work. When I saw Susan Watkins grab his face & almost burst into tears I knew ‘you’ had captured her husband. She was very moved & absolutely loved the bust & didn’t stop talking about the likeness you had captured…”
Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford (husband and wife,TV Presenters) 
It was a special day, the day I met Amy Goodman, and having commissioned her to sculpt our beloved rescue dog Maggie, every day has been special since.
Her work lives and breathes empathy, love and passion. She cares about what we care about, whilst also adding her own artistic interpretations.
This artist possesses a beautiful touch, and she crafts from the heart.”

Comments From Various Exhibitions

CK Kimmel
“What movement in the animals. Lovely”

June Corner
“Just blown away by all the wonderful paintings and sculptures.”

Sam White
“Straight into my group of favourite artists - lots of stuff I love! Thank you.”

Ann McMann
“Beautiful, free and artistic.”

Mary Anne Tudhope
“Beautiful work that totally captures these beautiful animals.”

Martin Wright
“What wonderful, exciting work. Many thanks."