I am Amy Goodman, S.E.A, a Sculptor and Portrait Artist based at Project Workshops in Hampshire. So far in my career, I have sculpted notable public commissions, including the Romsey War Horse, Arborfield Horses, Pegasus & Bellerophon for the 16 Air Assault Brigade, The Aldershot Airborne Soldier, and the brave military dog, Treo 63DM. I am also honoured by the trust placed in me by private clients, to whom the commissions often have a special meaning.

Last year I completed work on the Gurkha Memorial Project, depicting a remarkable moment in 1915, when 1st Gurkha V.C recipient, Kulbir Thapa carried his injured comrade, a British Tommy from the Leicestershire Regiment, to safety. This life-size bronze was unveiled on 25th September, 2021.


Please click on the video to the right which shows some of the metal work being finished on the Gurkha Memorial Project.

I have also enjoyed sculpting the iconic woman, Florence Nightingale. Her bronze was unveiled at the magnificent Gun Hill Park on 7th October 2021. Such exciting projects.

I have been ‘Artist in Residence’ at Winchester University since 2013.
I am familiar and proficient with a diversity of materials and scales, and love collaborating with commissioning clients and meeting their expectations, both in the public and private spheres. Please get in touch, if you would like to find out more about my work or enquire about a potential commission.
I was very honoured to be interviewed as one of 12 British Sculptors as part of the Sculpture Vulture Podcast created by Art Conservator, Lucy Branch. Please view the blog here,
and listen to the 40 minute interview. It's available on 'Spotify' and other platforms: Podcast link

“As long as I can remember I have drawn and sculpted animals, particularly horses. The character and movement of the subject matter are very important to me - a few strokes of paint or a few lines of steel can say so much.”


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